Welcome! I write lots of things every year.

Most recently: I wrote a book! The Piscatorbühne Century, tells the story of a theater company that changed the course of modern theater history, and whose impact continues to be felt today … despite going bankrupt after only four productions. It’s out now via Routledge.

9780367757663 copy
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7 thoughts on “About”

  1. Naomi Lichtenberg said:

    Hi Drew,
    I read your name in NYTimes, in Maureen Dowd’s opinion piece. My name is Naomi Lichtenberg, and coincidentally, I work for a theater, the Missoula Children’s Theatre. Could we be related or is the same last name, though unusual, a coincidence? I am an Ashkenazi Jew with roots in eastern Europe.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Dear Naomi,
      It’s entirely possible that we may be related as my grandfather, Philip Lichtenberg, is Ashkenazi of German descent and was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana. However, I’m really not up on genealogies and ancestral trees.


  2. Mark Bly said:

    Drew – I can not wait to read this! I wrote a 40-50 page paper for Stanley Kaufman’s “Directors on Directing” Class back in 1978 before John Willets book came out. Then I dramaturged Handkes “They Are Dying Out with Carl Weber and we talked a lot about Piscator! Congratulations!

  3. Richard Metzger said:

    Dear Drew —

    Reading about the recent death of Peter Brook, I recall a story that Michael Klein was so moved by his Midsummer Night’s Dream production, that Klein declined to ever direct it himself. Do you know anything about this?

    • Dear Richard,
      You are right, at least in the sense that I often heard Michael Kahn (note last name! not to be confused with Michael R. Klein, STC’s former Board chair) mention that he saw no reason to direct Shakespeare’s play, having seen Brook’s production. He couldn’t think of an approach that made better theatrical sense of it. I am speaking to Michael at the end of the month, interviewing him for an STC-related project, and this may come up.

      • Richard Metzger said:

        Thanks. Look forward to any clarification, and, of course, his thoughts about Brook.

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